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Redemptive History Seminar

Discovering the Fingerprint of God in History

August 1st-20th 2023

The Redemptive History Seminar aims to inspire students with a love for finding God’s fingerprints in history and develop practical skills for study, research, and intercession with the Holy Spirit. Students will go through a process of study and reflection that shapes their understanding of the stories of nations in a way that communicates God’s Story with love, healing, and redemption.
Understanding the history of a nation is a key component of being able to disciple that nation. Part of what needs to change in a nation is that they come to see God as having been involved in the history of their nation. Every nation is exceptional and has redemptive gifts that it brings to the whole and these can be seen from the study of history. There is also a need to discern what the strategies of the enemy against the nation as well.


RH Seminar

Cat A:    Au$750.00 (includes both board and tuition)

Cat A:    Au$450.00 (includes tuition and lunch’s – own accommodation)

RH Seminar

Cat B:    Au$500.00 (please connect with us to talk about eligibility)
                                                                (includes both board and tuition)

Some of our speakers will include: (tbc)
•    Dr. Steve Cochrane (College of Humanities and Science, UofN)
•    Allana Hiha (New Zealand)
•    Tom Hallas (YWAM Asia-Pacific)
•     Tim Edward (QLD, Australia)


Redemptive History
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